We help disadvantaged women and people with special needs to become economically independent through skill training courses.



Our vision is to empower women and foster their independence by providing them with marketable skills that enhance their employability, entrepreneurial potential, and ultimately, their self-esteem.

Established as a registered trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. since 2020, we have supported several marginalised women and individuals with special needs through our training program. These include victims of gender-based violence, economic abuse, poverty, and patriarchy. 




The enrolment process is quite simple. We have a brief conversation with interested participants to understand their needs; they then fill a registration form and pay a nominal fee.

Formal Training

After enrolment, participants are provided with formal training tailored to their interests, encompassing the following courses:


Upon completion of the seven-week Basics of Baking course, participants embark on a two-month internship to gain practical experience. Following their internship, they receive comprehensive support in securing employment opportunities or launching their home-based businesses.

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Our participants’ journey towards employment and economic independence is facilitated through a comprehensive support system that includes:

Participants gain valuable hands-on experience and make industry connections through curated internship placements.

We actively connect participants with potential employers, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to secure suitable employment opportunities.

Our self-help group fosters a supportive community where participants can execute orders together. The revenue from these orders is shared by the group. 

We offer comprehensive support to those aspiring to start their home businesses, including business planning, marketing, and financial management.

All training materials are available in both English and vernacular languages to cater to a diverse range of learners.

The program emphasizes hands-on practical experience to ensure participants gain the necessary skills and confidence for success.

Monthly assessments are conducted to track participants’ progress and provide ongoing feedback.

Our course material is uploaded on Moodle (learning management system) and students have access to the course material for 3 months after course completion.  

Our course content is designed to enable inclusion, for example our Spoken English course is at 3 levels to meet the needs of diverse learners in the same classroom. 



Chocolate Brownie – Egg

Rs. 100 per Piece

Order Quantity: 4 Pieces

Vanilla Butter Cookies

Rs. 110

Order Quantity: 100g

Vanilla Cake – Eggless

Rs. 220

Order Quantity: 300g

All in 1 Brownie

Rs. 110 per Piece

Order Quantity: 4 Pieces ( Vegan, gluten-free with jaggery )