We help disadvantaged women to become economically independent.

By skilling and providing employment opportunities.

Transform her life

Our vision is to empower women with the skills to be independent, in all aspects of their life.

Since 2020, we have helped hundreds of women: mostly victims of gender-based violence, economic abuse, poverty and patriarchy, women who are differently abled & trans-people with our program.
Bring the Change

How We Help

1. Enrolment

A woman voluntarily or through reference signs up for the program. We evaluate the situation and enrol her in the program.

2. Formal Training

She undergoes formal training in

  • Basics of Baking
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Building Confidence and Emotional Well being

3. Employment

After 2 months of internship at our Bakery or an affiliate Bakery, we place her in a suitable job.

Change someone’s life

How the Course helps



See what’s inside


Bharathi joined us almost a year ago, she had completed the course at Good measure and came to us in December 2021 with Madhu’s recommendation. Bharathi has been a regular, punctual and reliable member of Dream a Dozen. She has taught our chefs empathy and kindness through her actions. Over the last year, she’s been able to independently do cupcake frosting, cake layering, making of garnishes and baking cookies. Bharathi is enthusiastic to help the team when work load is more and happy to stay longer when needed. We’re grateful that she was recommended to us and is part of our kitchen

Meghna Dream a Dozen
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