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What bothered us?

In India, even in modern times, the selfhood of women is always compromised. For the working class women, poverty and unpredictability dictates their choices, for example, being single is neither permissible nor financially possible. 

 A number of barriers continue to exist for women to enter the labour market. They are disproportionately subject to a wide range of challenges regarding access to employment, choice of work, working conditions, job security, wage parity, and discrimination. 

The Female labour force participation (FLFPR) rate in India, (women who are either working or looking for a job), is at 32.8 percent, which is below the global average of 47 percent.

What we believe in?

At the Good Measure Foundation, we firmly believe that skill development lies at the heart of both economic and social progress. 

We are driven by the conviction that seemingly small interventions can generate a ripple effect, not only transforming the lives of individual beneficiaries but also their families and communities.

How we started?

The establishment of the Good Measure Foundation also came from a small intervention, a conversation. Established during the pandemic when both the need and impact of community work was deeply visible in the way we all helped each other.  Good Measure Foundation started its first training program in the Basics of Baking with 5 women. In a short span of 3 years we have trained 210+ women, 34 of our students have started home baking business and our self help group is steadily growing.

What we did?

We have meticulously crafted courses in the Basics of Baking, Spoken English and Digital Literacy. The courses are designed to equip the trainees with the necessary skills to secure employment in food manufacturing establishments, and retail outlets. 

To further enhance the entrepreneurial prospects of our beneficiaries, the Good Measure Foundation started a self help group where the participants execute orders and divide the revenue amongst themselves.

Madhu has worked as a restaurateur and educator. She started her culinary journey when she set up a Mediterranean Cuisine Wine Bar, Grapevine in 2016. She built a strong team which provided a consistently high quality experience to its patrons. In December 2020 she founded her trust called the Good Measure Foundation. She has over 20 years of experience in diverse aspects of education, having worked as a manager, teacher trainer, special educator and content writer.  

Madhu Khemchandani
Founder Trustee

Born and raised in Himachal Pradesh, Vinita Sood made Bangalore her home 32 years ago! Mother of two grown up daughters and wife of a civil servant, she has  20+ years of experience as an educator, teacher and trainer. In the past, she worked with corporates, print media and not-for-profit organisations in the field of advocacy & education. 

After a fulfilling professional career, she now devotes her time at Good Measure Foundation contributing towards empowering women and hence a better society.

Vinita Sood

Bency Ann Koshy

Trainer - Baking
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Bency Koshy is the Pastry and Savouries trainer at Good Measure Foundation. She is a self-taught Baker with extended skills in Food styling and Food photography. Trained in Kalaripayattu, a form of martial arts and very keenly learning Kathak a classical form of dance. She finds it extremely gratifying to be part of the Good Measure team leading to the empowerment of many women across society. Believes very firmly in gender equality and having equal rights to opportunities allowing everyone the power to achieve results they desire. 

Dhanursha D

Trainer and Counsellor for Emotional Well-being
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Dhanursha, passionate about the subject, has a master's degree in psychology.  Having an ardent desire to make a difference in people’s lives, she has been a scribe to the visually challenged and taught children at orphanages since her school days. She chose the profession with the zeal to be able to give back to society in more than one way.  Here at Good Measure Foundation she conducts group sessions on emotional well-being and also takes on one counselling session.

Hamsa Priyadarshini

Center Manager 
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Hamsa priyadarshini serves as the Center Head at Good Measure Foundation. Here, she dedicates her efforts to creating positive change in society, exemplifying her commitment to social responsibility. Hamsapriyadarshini is a versatile individual with a heart for creativity and compassion. Her hobbies include gardening, crafts, crocheting, knitting, and hand embroidery in various elements. A firm believer in the importance of community and care, Hamsapriyadarshini directs her efforts towards the well-being of the elderly.

Aashita Agarwal

Trainer for Spoken English, Digital Literacy; Digital Marketing in charge
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From the courtroom to the classroom. Aashita, a lawyer specialising in IP law advisory, has diversified her interests into empowering women from poor socio-economic and neuro-diverse backgrounds. She has joined the Good Measure Foundation as a trainer to assist them in learning Spoken English and Digital Literacy. She also helps them with Social Media Marketing. A self-proclaimed foodie & Bollywood enthusiast, Aashita hopes to dedicate her time & skills to making a difference in society.

Shaista Tarannum

Trainer - Spoken English
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Driven by a desire to give back to the community, Shaista now utilizes her experience to teach Spoken English at the Good Measure Foundation. Having previously worked in IT and communication at Infosys, she is passionate about empowering as many people as she can through her words and helping young women become independent in today’s world. She believes in the use of compassion and kindness to teach and to learn. In her free time, she enjoys baking and cooking.